Welcome to A Dragon in Progress! / Bienvenue à Un Dragon en Cours!/ Bienvenido a un Dragón en Progreso

Bonjour le monde, welcome to my new blog.

It’s pretty empty here right now but that will change in the future as soon as I sort out the messy ball of string that is my reality.

I’m an amateur admirer of antiquity who seeks to bring order to my wandering, inquisitive thoughts. It’s just that so far all I’ve been doing was reading here and there and not taking notes, not actively learning from what I’ve read. It doesn’t exactly make for a fairly enlightened mind, I think.

As I’ve mentioned in my About page, my interest includes mainly languages, archaeology, and history but will invariably touch on cultures. At this time I’m teaching myself, German and French.

Having been in my high school’s Science program – while not precisely excelling in Biology, Chem, and Physics – if anything, it widened my mind to consider possibilities. It also provided sufficient contrast that highlighted my then burgeoning talents in English, both in language and creative writing.

I plan to build upon my current knowledge and skills to transform myself from this enthusiastic person who knows bits and pieces of this and that, into an informed one who holds within my mind a cohesive understanding of my areas of studies.

I strive to produce professional quality content, citing sources and information as accurate as I can ascertain while retaining a personal narrative style that refrains from the dry-but-helpful tone of articles that I’m sure we’re all familiar with.

Along the way, I hope to come across fellow enthusiasts, professional or not. Please feel free to point out any mistakes I’ve made, offer suggestions for research, or simply leave a comment in passing. It would be much appreciated!

Wishing you a safe and productive day.

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