Directions …

I’ve had this blog on standby for a few months. Part of that’s because time constraints, part is indecision and part confidence or should I say a lack thereof.

Time, I battle distractions on a daily basis. Now, if I find something of interest you can bet I’d dedicate a solid few hours of research. The problem lies in my organizational skills, the development of which is one of the reasons why I began this site in the first place. So, work in progress.

Indecision, where do I begin? How in depth should I go? Perhaps I can touch briefly on a subject and at a later date expound on it … yes, that may work with my current frame of mind. And plus I’m simply beside myself, it’s so exciting to actually begin this project!

What subjects will I cover? Will it be exclusively language, and archaeology/anthropology? No, I’ve decided against that already but it leaves me with an expansive landscape of subject matter. I’m thinking I’ll keep it that way, I just have to be streamlined in my categorizing and tagging.

Some stuff I’ve got planned:

  • I mentioned previously, I’m an online student at Leiden University (via studying the introduction to the human language, I’m making notes as I go along. I want to include that here. I’ll be signing up for a philosophy course in the near future, too.
  • Word definitions and idiom/phrase meanings. For instance, the idiom I used above, /beside myself/ almost out of one’s senses from a strong emotion, as from joy, delight, anger, fear, or grief (
  • I will be citing work from many sources, however, there is one in particular that I hold in high esteem, the Ancient History Encyclopedia, a stellar website whose team provides premium grade articles (for free!) on wide-ranging topics on various civilizations.

Our mission is to improve history education worldwide by creating the most complete, freely accessible, and reliable history resource in the world.

If you like what you see please consider donating to that worthy cause. By the way, the request is unsolicited by Ancient History Encyclopedia.

  •  I’ll be making themed vocab lists of primarily Spanish words and also phrases.
  • Grammar! Enough said, yes?
  • I want to have book reviews of all the non-fiction works I read from now on, some poetry included. And if especially provoking I’ll have fiction as well.
  • I’d especially like to do some reading on mental illnesses and their social implications.

Confidence. I want to do my best, to be meticulous in my research and analysis, nascent skills I also aim to perfect here. This is where I also hope you, my readers, whether you be subscribed followers or the casual wanderer can assist me.

If I can improve somewhere, if I misstated a fact; or even suggest topics, books, and websites, please feel free to talk to me. If we disagree on something, well, I look forward to respectfully disagree in rewarding exchanges!

Posting-wise, currently I’ll be churning one post a week, or two depending on intensity.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a lovely day. Be safe.

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