Hi, there. I’m Devina. A Dragon in Progress is a blog dedicated to learning, a language learning one to be exact. However, you’ll find me writing about my other interests like history, archaeology, interesting facts, and opinion pieces.

Why dragon? They’re one of my most loved mythological creatures. I perceive them to be wise, fierce and covetous. I like to think I am fierce in my own way and I’m covetous in the sense that I treasure knowledge. However, I’m not so great at recording and remembering all that stuff so this blog will be on par to a depository of all that information.

What this blog is not: a difinitive guide of any sort. I’m learning as I go and strive to publish acurate information. Many of my posts will be distilled to the gist of the topic, some will be parts of a whole and published at varying intervals and will be labelled and filed accordingly. Any mistakes are my own, if you see any please contact me and I will make corrections with haste.

At any given time, I’m learning a foreign language, German and French now but it’s subject to change. I’m terrible at organizing and time allocation but I wanted to make an effort, a place really, where I can record what I’ve understood so far in my humble quest for enlightenment.

I didn’t always love language. It was Justin Pollard’s The Story of Archaeology: In 50 Great Discoveries that cracked open a new chasm in my mind, a space hungry for discovery. It was here my infatuation with Petra (Jordan) was born, which led me on my way to Palmyra, Syria.

In it, there is a chapter on the myth of the Minotaur on the Greek island of Crete.  I recall reading the aside on Linear A and Linear B Scripts that were used within that age. I remember researching Linear B, which is most understood by scholars, used by the Minoans and adapted from Mycenaean Greeks (about 1600 BC). It’s thought to have predated Modern Greek, which itself hasn’t changed much since ancient times. Taking this all in jump-started a thriving curiosity. It did help I’m a fan of Indiana Jones, but of course being able to distinguish Hollywood dramatics and down and dirty reality.

I was used to seeing hieroglyphs on TV growing up, but these symbols … they affected me differently. How could they be words? For the first time, consciously, I took a few steps back from my English programmed brain. Right then I stumbled on the complex duality that is human communication. I never looked back.

I think that’s about it. I’ll talk about apps and websites I’ve used, so I’m all ears for recommendations, and your own insights as well.

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